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Eat To Live

By Joel Fuhrman

Eat To LiveEat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss. The first Eat To Live book was published in 2003 and was recently revised for the 2011 edition. This new version now provides proof in the form of updates from the scientific research that was carried out to support the author Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s six-week ‘diet’ plan. It is important that you noticed that I put the word diet in quotations in the previous sentence. This is because this plan is more of a lifestyle change than the traditional diets that we have been exposed to in the past.

In the new chapter, he explores toxic hunger and how it contributes to people being addicted to food. You really get to dig deep into the what causes you to gain weight. Basically you can induce what he calls toxic hunger when you eat the wrong type of foods, and Dr Furhman shows you why this happens. Toxic hunger is responsible for making people consume more calories than they require. What I really enjoyed was reading about how to fight any cravings or addictions caused by toxic hunger to the junk foods that we should be avoiding anyway.

You can use the information contained in this book to help you live a longer and healthier life. You should also be able to stop relying on medication. He’s goal is to try help you change the way you eat for life and not just for a couple of days or weeks. This book opened my eyes to what I have been consuming. Some of the foods I should be eating that were missing from my diet as well as how certain foods were harmful to my health.

Who is Dr Joel Fuhrman M.D.? Well although he is now most commonly known as a best-selling author, he is also family doctor that is fully certified by the medical board. He has also been involved in research that is centered around prevention and reversal of diseases using natural methods, that include nutrition too. He has been featured on many radio and TV shows, including CNN and Dr. OZ as an expert on nutrition and natural cures. He has written a total of 7 nutrition books so far.

What I like about his plan is that there are no strict rules. You have a choice between a week of meals for vegetarians or a week for those who do not want to take on the vegetarian meal plan. His meal plans are based on actual science.This is a a life changing book, especially useful to those who are obese, who suffer from high blood pressure or are a diabetic. You will learn how to eat properly from now on.

The way Dr. Fuhrman looks at the positive side of a high nutrient per calorie diet is just common sense. He does take the time to explain each situation in many different ways to make it easier to understand what he is trying to say. The difference with other ‘diet’ books

If you are considering going on a diet you must read this book first. Now that I have read the book I am trying to follow the recommendations of Dr Fuhrman. Simple changes in my daily nutrition. Even if you are not considering going on a diet, I personally recommend that anyone who wants to live a healthy life reads Eat to Live. Read More Reviews Here…

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Fabulous After 50

By Judy Steinberg And Raechel Donahue

Fabulous After 50Fabulous After Fifty: And Sexy at Sixty! For women in this day and age, hitting 50 doesn’t automatically call for breaking out the knitting needles. Today’s mature woman has the verve and style of a much younger person, yet she emanates the power and wisdom that can only come with those extra years.

While life may not exactly begin at 50, it doesn’t have to lose speed either. Women wanting to keep their lives glamorous, confident, sexy and successful can find a bonanza of experience and advice in “Fabulous After 50: And Sexy at 60!”.

Co-author Judy Steinberg, an attractive, vibrant woman who is often mistaken for someone decades younger, was utterly shocked when she first experienced age discrimination. At that moment, she vowed to share her frank and funny insights with older women everywhere.

With great panache, Steinberg offers tips and tricks on everything from diets and exercise to interpreting what a man is really saying and the importance of female friendships.

Whether one is suddenly single or simply looking for some sisterly advice, Steinberg navigates the course by addressing issues specific to women who are old enough to remember “Sex and the Single Girl.”

The book is a salute to a new generation of vital, successful and gorgeous older women. Read More Reviews Here…

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The Automatic Diet

By Charles Stuart Platkin

The Automatic DietThe Automatic Diet : Trying to lose weight? Here’s some food for thought. What if Americans were as conscientious about “spending” the calories on their bodies’ daily budgets as they are about spending their hard-earned dollars?

According to Charles Stuart Platkin, author of the new book “The Automatic Diet”, there is a set number of calories in the body’s budget for the day. So how do we make the most of our “finances,” calorie-wise?

The answer lies within the pages of “The Automatic Diet,” where readers discover that all successful dieters share a common secret to consistently maintaining their weight: They do not have to think about what they are doing. Their food choices are automatic; they already know what to eat to keep off the weight.

One of the key secrets is “calorie bargains”: foods that are low in calories but still taste great and satisfy our strongest urges. They are substitutes for the “higher-priced” foods we tend to eat.

Here are a few of Platkin’s picks:

* I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Spray (5 sprays: 0 calories, 0 grams of fat, 0 carbs).

This spray is a great way to accent food and is a tasty alternative to both butter and oil.

“You can spray it on toast, popcorn, vegetables. I use it on almost anything,” Platkin says. It is easy to control portions and even if you get up to 25 sprays (more than enough for a baked potato), it is still a clear calorie bargain and has no trans fats. Conversely, 2 tablespoons of butter have 204 calories and 23 grams of fat.

* Jolly Time Yellow Pop Corn (5 cups, popped: 100 calories, 1 gram of fat, 24 grams of carbs, 6 grams of fiber).

Popcorn that you pop yourself is a perfect high-fiber snack – you get loads of food, yet it is still low in calories.

* Miss Meringue Sugar Free Vanilla Meringue Cookies (13 cookies: 35 calories, 0 grams of fat, 9 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fiber).

Have a sweet tooth? These are a good guilt-free alternative. They have no fat, trans fat, cholesterol or lactose.

* Low Fat Kettle Krisps Hickory Barbeque Chips (1 ounce: 110 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, 22 grams of carbs).

With 40 fewer calories than regular chips, these are a great alternative for chip lovers. – NU

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