Inexpensive Digital Resources–educational videos, e-books, MRR and PLR products

–I’ve selected a number of really low priced bargain resources in Commercial Videotutorials and software at very reasonable prices:
I’ve collected these as some of the best and most reasonably-priced videotutorial collections for you to consider. These have been invaluable to me and will help you as well. I will continue to add to this list.
Note, that these vendors may raise prices from time to time, so buy now to get the best pricing! Pay with Paypal. Downloadable, so you get them right away. You’ll be amazed at how much work you can save and how inexpensive these packages are!


    Word Press 3.4.1 –Fifty videos on all aspects of working with
    WORDPRESS for easy creation all kinds of complex websites and Blogs.
    Take a look at the list of topics!
  • EWriter Pro
    EWriter Pro –Easy to use but very capable author software for writing
    ebooks, but also works for regular books and documents. This is really
    neat and very inexpensive alternative to e.g. WORD. Output as WORD
    format, RTF, PDF, text, HTML. 16 bit application doesn’t run under most
    versions of WIN 7 (only VISTA, WIN XP or WIN XP Compatibility mode) but
    very impressive capabilities!

    MRR Videos
    Massive MRR Video stash –Over 37 Videotutorials on various web topics
    such as, Website development, Blogging, Internet marketing, WORDPRESS,
    cPanel, CGI Scripts, Social networking, video marketing, website
    traffic and much, much more! A real Bargain! you can also resell these
    one at a time or in packages. 

  • 8 Niche Blogs
    8 Evergreen Niche Blogs –One of the best ways to learn about building
    websites is to work with something already made for you. Here are 8
    WORDPRESS sites all set up with ads, reviews, articles, Ready to give
    you some income and fun to work with. The License allows you to change
    them into just about anything you want (Private Label Rights, PLR).
    Gaming, Cat Training, Electronic Cigarettes, Learn Spanish, Seized
    auto, Asthma, Body Detox, Tropical fish. Full instructions. VERY
    inexpensive,  great learning opportunity. Can resell. .
  • Webhosting accounts- get your own website and put all this
    good stuff to use. It really doesn’t cost much and it’s easy to do, but
    you need to learn a few things. One popular host is

  • self-hypnosis

    8 Self-Hypnosis tapes (MP3s) from Simon Warner for $8 –these can help
    you relax and change some habits at the same time. I’ve used these for
    years, very effectively. Stop smoking, weight loss, self
    confidence,  motivation, beat depression. Take a listen– you’ll
    enjoy them! Can resell. 
  • IM Pro Scripts

    HTML, PHP and Javascript Scripts Collection–this large, inexpensive
    set of scripts is mostly related to adding Internet Marketing Functions
    and other funstuff to your websites. These come with complete
    instructions and even software to help you insert them into your
    webpage code. A total of 45 products! some pretty useful stuff!
  • 90 video package
    Comprehensive 90 (!) instructional video combo pack covering all sorts
    of website setup, WORDPRESS, Blogging, commercialization, Internet
    marketing, essential collection of how-to-do-it specifics. A real
    bargain at lesss than 25 cents per video! You can resell most of 
    these. highly recommended basic tools.
  • Website design with free tools. 9 video lessons on website design with
    Kompozer for
  • … More to come. Check back!

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